A B C Oscar Activity Book

A B C Oscar Activity Book

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Get yours here:https://www.amazon.co.uk/Oscar-Orgo-Activity-Book/dp/1838033904/ - please do not purchase this book directly from this page, go to Amazon to get yours.

 Join 'Oscar The Orgo' and all his friends in this exciting activity book based on the much-loved picture book 'Have You Ever Heard Of An Orgo?' by R.J. Furness and Fiona Fletcher.

Filled with colouring sheets, puzzles, activities and more, the 'A B C (Oscar The Orgo Activity Book)' is the perfect gift for birthdays, school holidays and when it's raining. There's plenty to keep 'Oscar The Orgo' fans busy.

Watch out for: '1 2 3 (Oscar The Orgo Activity Book)'.